dis|pute1 W2 [dıˈspju:t, ˈdıspju:t] n [U and C]
1.) a serious argument or disagreement
dispute with
The firm is involved in a legal dispute with a rival company.
dispute over
He got into a dispute over a taxi fare.
Every effort was made to settle the dispute , but without success.
dispute between
the bitter border dispute between the countries
A long-running pay dispute is disrupting rail services.
The coal industry was plagued by industrial disputes .
The police don't usually like to intervene in domestic disputes .
The miners were in dispute with their employers over pay.
A dispute arose over who was to be the next king.
2.) be beyond dispute
if something is beyond dispute, everyone agrees that it is true or that it really happened
It is beyond dispute that advances in medicine have enabled people to live longer.
3.) be open to dispute
if something is open to dispute, it is not completely certain and not everyone agrees about it
His interpretation of the poem is open to dispute.
4.) be in dispute
if something is in dispute, people are arguing about it
The facts of the case are still in dispute.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
be involved in a dispute
get into a dispute (=become involved)
settle/resolve a dispute
bitter dispute
long-running dispute (=one that lasts a long time)
political/legal dispute
pay dispute
industrial dispute British English
labor dispute American English (=between workers and employers)
territorial dispute (=about land)
domestic dispute (=between a couple who live together)
be in dispute with somebody (=be involved in a dispute)
a dispute arises (=it starts)
dispute 2
dis|pute2 [dıˈspju:t] v
[Date: 1500-1600; : Old French; Origin: desputer, from Latin disputare 'to discuss', from putare 'to think']
1.) [T]
to say that something such as a fact or idea is not correct or true
The main facts of the book have never been disputed.
dispute that
Few would dispute that travel broadens the mind.
2.) [I and T] formal
to argue or disagree with someone
dispute (sth) with sb
Hazlitt, though much younger, was soon disputing with Wordsworth on equal terms.
What happened next is hotly disputed .
3.) [T]
to try to get control of something or win something
Soviet forces disputed every inch of ground.

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